Looking for something other than just Olympic-style fencing? Here are just a few interesting links that may interest you!

Fencing is not just about Olympic-style competition. Fencing is an exciting vehicle to explore history, theater, and martial arts. There are many societies and international organizations that can suit any fencer's personal endeavors in swordplay.

Classical Fencing/European Martial Arts
There is a growing fencing community that seeks to develop their fencing as a European martial art and gears their training for actual combat rather than sport. Practitioners commonly take up fencing to enhance and expand their existing studies in martial arts. Competition for strictly classical-style fencing exists but is more difficult to find. Classical fencers often compete in Olympic-style fencing and achieve great success. Many resources can be found on the Web by key-wording "Classical Fencing". We recommend visiting the Association of Historical Fencing web site, a non-profit organization. Those that pursue fencing as a martial arts can expect to learn hand-to-hand fighting techniques, stick/cane fighting and other martial arts activities.

Reenactment/Simulation Fencing
Medieval- and Renaissance-era reenactors and enthusiasts practice fencing as part of their involvement in SCA or Renaissance festivals like those held locally in the Tampa Bay area. Fencing tournaments are frequently held and fairly comprehensive rules for competition have been devised. The SCA rules are roughly analagous to modern epee with significant provisions for left-handed parrying/blocking weapons and cuts. These fencers seek to gain honor and accolades from their SCA kingdom's peers and nobility.

Theatrical Fencing/Stage Combat
Actor combatants study fencing to enhance the realism of their performances. Theatrical fencers explore the visual aesthetics inherent in fencing as well as learn fencing terminology and real fencing technique. Thespian fencers must balance safety and realism in order to achieve the greatest stage or cinematic experiences for their audience. This pursuit requires as much discipline and hard work as any martial artist or sportsman. Check out the SAFD - Society of American Fight Directors if you think you have what it takes!





AFHI: Association for Historical Fencing

ARMA: Association for Renaissance Martial Arts
(formerly HACA: Historical Armed Combat Assoc.)

Society of American Fight Directors

Society of Creative Anachronisms