FAQ: Can TBF order my equipment for me?

We can order your equipment but will charge you an 10% of the total cost of the order with a minimum fee of $15.

Ordering the equipment for our students exposes us to a great deal of headache. However, this charge is often waived depending on the circumstances (e.g. adding a glove to an already outgoing order, etc...).

Starter Sets

Most starter sets are quite adequate for the beginners and usually are very good deals. Expect these sets include a jacket, mask, glove and weapon--French grip for epee and foil. Below is a chart to provide a general idea of how much they can run. By no means, is this a comprehensive list, but it's a start. These selections are not the least expensive options that these vendors offer, but these listings represents the better price/quality ratio.
Item Desc
Equipment Bag
Pistol Grip Upgrade
Front Close Upgrade
Blade FencingStandard 5-piece Foil Beginner SetYesYesYesYes$135.00Included+3.50available
Triplette Competition ArmsFoil Starter SetYesYesYesYes$119.50+$24.95+4.20+10.00
American FencingStandard Foil Starter Set, AdultsYesYesYesYes$148.00Available SeparatelyPrice differencePrice Difference

Ordering Tips:

Try to get a front close jacket, unless, you don't mind reaching behind your back or asking someone else to zip you up.

As far as the jacket material, consider the frequency of washes and shrinkage. Polyester allows for machine drying without shrinkage. Cotton, on the other hand, tends to shrink in the dryer.

Order a size or two above your actual jacket size to accomodate for after-wash shrinking, growth (for kids), and for the plastron underneath. Your jacket size is equal to the largest measurement around your torso. If you prefer cotton, give your true jacket size and add 2".

Beginners should buy French grips. There are all sorts of reasons for this. If you really must use a pistol grip, the Belgian is preferred. Make sure your specify either left or right hand.