TBF Conduct

  • In any activity where a weapon is pointed at you, wear a mask, jacket and glove. Those who fail to exhibit common sense will be excused from participation.
  • Always salute your partner or instructor before and after drills, bouts, encounters and lessons.
  • Respect all fencers. TBF has all sorts of fencing styles and approaches. They are all equally valid.
  • Liberal concession of touches received is expected of those engaging in non-electric bouts.
  • Equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you frequently find yourself without proper equipment, consider purchasing your own or arriving earlier.
  • If you're arguing about touches, you're definitely missing the point. Avoid belaboring the validity of a touch or you'll find that fencers will avoid you.
  • If someone is waiting to use the electrical scoring equipment, limit the bouts with an agreed time or score. By default, it is 5 minutes.



Fencing Sessions

Training: Thursdays 630P-830P
Structured Bouts: Fridays 630P-830P

The fencing training sessions are a combination of structured group drills and individual lessons. The following is a rough description of what to expect from a typical TBF fencing session.
Note: Individual lessons are granted at the discretion of the instructors. Sometimes, instructors are not able to get to everyone. Do not spend your fencing time by idly waiting for instructors to become available. Remember, fencing time is a rare commodity, spend it wisely.
Arrival /Warm-up Period
Duration: 15-30 minutes. This time is allow time for participants to arrive and suit up in their fencing gear. Warm-up may consist of light fencing and calisthenics.
Salute/Initiation of Session
Duration: 5 minutes. One of the instructors will lead the salute. Everyone is obliged to join the salute. The group salute is intended to provide a formal initiation of the group session, a forum to communicate current events, an opportunity to introduce new members and visitors.
Structured Group Lesson
Duration: 15-30 minutes. Group lesson conducted by one of the instructors that focuses on a particular technique or concept.
Individual Lessons and Drills
Duration: 10-15 minutes. Individual lessons are scheduled (see Calendar) upon monthly payment or invitation of the instructors. Fencers waiting for individual lessons or are otherwise idle, are expected to engage in free bouting or individual practice.
Free Bouting
Duration: remainder of the session. This is time for fencers to explore the most recently learned technique or to hone their skills with other fencers. Free bouting is also scheduled for the last two sessions of each month.