Fencing has been an Olympic sport since the very first modern Olympics held in Athens, Greece in 1896.

Swordplay is an activity that was recorded as a sport by the heiroglyphics found on the walls of Ancient Egypt dating back to 1190 BC.

Cinema and literature has stirred the imaginations of many generations and lured them to fencing with the romance and adventure of the Three Musketeers, Zorro and even Luke Skywalker.

The French team during the Fencing Contests in Zappeion, Athens. Tselika Valentini, Olympiakoi Agones, 1896; To fotografiko leukoma tou Albert Mayer (The Olympic Games of 1896; The Photographical Album of Albert Mayer). Eksantas-Bennaki Museum, Athens 1996. (from www1.fhw.gr/projects/olympics/ images/revival/13.gif, accessed on 30Aug2003)

Tampa Bay Fencers recognizes the many reasons why someone would want to learn fencing. We invite all to explore the immense depth and richness of history, tradition, education and competition that is unique to fencing.

We do this by making quality training a high priority. All of our coaches are nationally certified and represent decades of experience.

Beginners are not required to purchase their own equipment if they simply wish to try it out. We do urge fencer beginners to purchase their own equipment to facilitate their progress in the sport.

Every effort is made to provide each student an opportunity to obtain both individual lessons and group participation. TBF offers a structured curriculum of fencing technique as well as customized training to meet the needs of each individual fencer.

The training of fencing technique is balanced with constant exposure to its history, traditions, etiquette, officiating and competition rules.

Tampa Bay Fencers Patches

Fencers earn the privilege to wear our patch.
How does one earn a patch? Demonstrate to the instructors : passion for learning the art, dedication to the pursuit of personal improvement, universal honesty and respect for all.

Like an armorer's stamp, the patch is our symbol to indicate the quality of our fencers. Each wearer is a standard bearer.

"The true weapon is not made of the metal in a fencer's hand but of the mettle found in the fencer's character. "


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