EST. '93


Upcoming events


USF Fencing Tournment



Our annual Club Party. All current members are invited. This is Pot Luck. We will fence SmallSword in the morning. Stuff out faces and then back to fencing in the afternoon with Two Weapon. Medals will be handed out. Sorry no Oleson Medals this time.

Cold Steel 2020

Registration ends about 9:40am Fencing starts at 10:00am.


Three Weapon(Foil, Eppe, and Saber)

Small Sword

Two Weapon

They will fenced in that order. We should be getting done about 5:00PM. We will stopping for lunch after Three Weapon. 

About club


We are Tampa Bay Fencers. We we established in 1993 by Dr. Robert L. Harder and Don Conrad G. Uy.

We are fence in a variety of styles including Sport, Classical and Historical.